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20 March 25 09:18

As one of the largest digital retailing platforms in the world, there is no gainsaying that Amazon holds immense potential for people who run businesses online. Amazon sellers, it offers an opportunity to get their products to millions of potential buyers around the world.

However, for new sellers, finding your way around on Amazon can be quite tricky. This is why this article has been designed to walk you through the essentials of Amazon Seller Central and how it works.

Seller Central Amazon is a seller’s handbook that holds the information you need to run a successful business on Amazon. However, to successfully set up a seller central account, you need to pay attention to some essential things like Amazon metrics, applicable seller fees, promotions, and ad campaigns, and mistakes to avoid.

 What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is an online platform from Amazon that enables anyone to become a retailer on Amazon. With Seller Central, you can easily become an Amazon seller without worrying about stuff like payments, designing and maintaining personal websites, or even processing estimated gains.

Starting as a retailer on amazon starts at Seller Central. Also, with the Amazon FBA model, becoming a seller on Amazon just becomes even easier as all that you’d have to do is send your inventory to Amazon and let them handle the rest.

This is why it is essential to understand the intricacies of Amazon’s Seller Central before starting as a seller on Amazon.

How to Set an Account on Seller Central Amazon?

Before selling on Amazon, you would be required to set up a Seller Central account. However, having all the necessary information before starting can help make the registration process faster for you. The information required in the process includes;

·      The name of your business

·      Your real name and address

·      Contact information

·      Seller logo

·      Bank account details

·      Shipping locations

·      Return and refund policies, if applicable

·      Business Information/About us

In setting up this information, it is vital to pay special attention to your ‘About Us’ as a lot of customers tend to pay special attention to this part.

How to Choose What Kind of Products to Sell on Amazon?

Another vital point to note when starting on Amazon as a seller is choosing the right product to sell. Not all products sold on Amazon have a booming market. So, when starting, it is essential to pay special attention to the type of products you’d like to sell.

Luckily, several software tools can help when looking out for existing opportunities with respect to products in the market. Some of these tools include;

1.   IO Scout

amazon seller central account

2.   Jungle Scout

amazon seller central

3.   Helium 10

seller central amazon

How to Sell Your Products

On Amazon, there are two major mays to sell your products. You can either do it yourself (Fulfilment by Merchant) or use the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) plan. The FBM plan simply means you, as the merchant, are responsible for shipping orders and handling processing refunds and returns and others providing other customer services to your buyers.

On the other hand, in the FBA plan, Amazon is responsible for all the tasks mentioned. All you have to do, as the merchant, is to get your products to a designated Amazon fulfillment center and let them do the rest. This is why the FBA plan is usually recommended for new sellers on Amazon as it allows you to focus on other important parts of selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBA Fees

It is, however, important to note that the Amazon FBA plan comes at a financial cost. While this might be discouraging for some sellers, the quality of service covered in the FBA plan, however, makes the cost worthwhile. Although it is highly recommended that you compare the cost of both approaches to selling before making a choice.

To determine the FBA costs, you can use the FBA calculator feature on IO Scout, Jungle Scout, or any other software tool you might be using as an Amazon seller.

In all, selling on Amazon can be quite advantageous, but when starting out, you need to understand the essentials of the process. This is what makes having a seller central account on Amazon quite important. With a seller central account, you get to enjoy a lot of seller benefits from Amazon.


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