Best Amazon Price Trackers to Scale Your Business in 2020

20 April 5 05:41

best amazon price tracker

To properly navigate Amazon’s treacherous waters, you need to be well-equipped with information. This information can range from proper knowledge of prices to how customers react to certain products as regards its sales and everything else in between. The point is that you absolutely cannot hope to make a lot of money, or some at the very least, without having a plan set up. Unfortunately, you cannot have a plan or strategy set up if you do not know how products and prices before you performed.

To get that knowledge that will help you speed up the success process, you need to understand the price history of your product. Its fluctuations, increases, drops, etc. These will tell you a lot about the product, which can help you make critical decisions. Unfortunately, you cannot conduct those price researches by yourself. Fortunately, some tools can assist you. One of them that is particularly useful on Amazon is an  Amazon price tracker.

What are the top Amazon price trackers?

In the industry of gathering data and analyzing them on Amazon to aid your decision-making process, there are a couple of brands that can help with  Amazon price checking.  However, not all of them offer the highest quality of service. As such, we have come up with a list containing four of the best tools for your  Amazon price checking.  They are:

1. CamelCamelCamel

This is a useful tool if you want to  track Amazon prices.  This  Amazon price tracker  tool has different features that are useful for various purposes. Perhaps the most valuable to you in the context is the price history charts. As the name implies, it provides you with charts detailing the history of prices. From the charts, you can see the fluctuation, or stability, of prices of a product over time. These charts help you understand how customers have been reacting to a product, among other things. It allows you to import your wishlist into its platform. Additionally, it has a product search option which, thankfully, can help you to see what your competitors are up to over a relatively extended period. The best part of this is, even with all these features, it comes completely free.

2. Keepa

Keepa is another excellent  Amazon price tracker . One of its distinguishing features, among others, is the considerable number of products that it has monitored for several million people worldwide. The numbers climb a staggering height of over one billion, and it is ever increasing. Like virtually all other platforms that offer  Amazon price watch,  this app has graphs containing the history of prices on Amazon. It supports various Amazon locales. It alerts you regularly when there is a reduction in the price of the product that you are monitoring. You also get an alert when the product is available. It has a free version that contains the basics of what you want. However, some of its other features come at a premium cost. If you are looking for a little bit more, it might be a good idea for you to invest a little bit more money in 

3. Amazon Price Tracker by DigitalInspiration

This is another  Amazon price monitor  that is equally useful if you are looking for a way to  track Amazon prices  without an excessive amount of difficulty. With this  Amazon price tracker,  you can create a watchlist for the products you wish to monitor by adding links to products on the Google sheet. It supports pretty much every Amazon site.

Apart from these, it has a limit on prices. When the price of the product is reached, you will get an email alert. Speaking of email perks, this tracker also sends you an email daily containing changes in the prices of products that you are monitoring. This makes it easier to understand what is happening in your market without necessarily having to visit the site all the time. With all the mentioned features and more, it is no surprise that it charges for its services.

4. Honey

Honey is an  Amazon price tracker  that comes as a browser extension. You can join this price tracker platform for free and get access to its services in like manner. It helps you to compare the prices of millions of sellers, so you have just as much information as you need.

Using this tool is as easy as adding it to your desktop, looking for the button on Amazon, and getting your prices. In addition to these, it gives you a notification when there is a change in products’ pricing.

Final Thoughts

Amazon price trackers are a great way to take the load off of you in making a decision regarding your products. They give you useful pieces of information on how the prices move and that knowledge could make a significant amount of impact. What we have done in this article is to give you the different tools that can help you with product price tracking on Amazon.


Q1: What are Amazon price trackers?

Amazon price trackers are online tools that give you details on the history of prices on Amazon.

Q2: Can you view price history on Amazon?

Yes, you can. The easiest way to do so is by using an Amazon price tracking tool.

Q3: Can Amazon alert you when a price drops?

Amazon itself might not alert you. However, most Amazon price trackers notify you when there is a drop in the prices of your products.

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