How to make money on Amazon?

20 March 15 09:45

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Amazon is one of the top places to earn big profits. As we all that almost everything is now digital. Any business developed in this age without having that in mind might not gain much ground in their niche. It is not a joke! 

Amazon is an online marketplace where most Americans visit to get whatever they need. You will be surprised to find a spare kidney to purchase on Amazon. That was a joke though! 

However, Amazon offers millions of products, so you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for anytime any day. It is a platform that brings buyers, sellers and marketers together. 

Five years working as a personal assistant, I was faced with hatred, humiliation and frustration. No one likes to be bossed around all because of some token I call salary. I was so determined to find another career where I could work for myself. It wasn’t easy because I came across several motivational teachers and educational content online which were not helpful. Bottom line, I didn’t have any capital to start up any business. Of course, I had ideas but no funds nor sponsor.

Finally, I came across Amazon and became a seller. This article will enlighten you on different ways you can make money on Amazon.

Three Incredible Ways You Can Make Money On Amazon 

Before you allow any motivational speaker to brainwash you into believing that there are easy ways to making money. To make money you have to be goal-driven, determined and hardworking. 

What I mean is that you have to put in some work to become successful. Amazon offers a lot of options to make money. However, in this article, we will look into three methods you can use to make money on Amazon.

The Affiliate Program

This actually applies to most large marketplaces such as Shopify, eBay and so on. This is our first option because it is not as complicated as the others. It doesn’t require much. Joining Amazon’s affiliate program is an awesome way is earning cool cash on Amazon. 

This has to do with advertising for Amazon and gaining some commission in return. It has more to do with referring people to buy products from Amazon. The number of people you can refer to purchase a particular product on Amazon determines your earning.   

Becoming an amazon affiliate

To become an affiliate for Amazon, you have to sign up and join the program. After signing up for the program, choose a product you want to promote and start promoting. You also need an affiliate link for the product so that Amazon will know that the client came from you. Without this link, you won’t be rewarded. 

Requirements to become a successful affiliate

You need a large audience for your advert to be effective. I will advise you to get one of the following ready:

  • A functioning social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and so on.’
  • A website.

These two options will help you reach more and diverse audience all over the world.

  • Write a Book 

I am sure as you saw the heading of this point and smiled. It is not as hard as you think. All you need is a few tips and you start earning. According to some reports, Amazon is the first place teenagers or college students visit to purchase the books they need.

You can leverage on that and earn a lot of profit. We both know that writing is not an easy task, it takes some skills, expertise and experience to actually write a book. So if you don’t have the talent, there is still a way out. You can hire a ghostwriter to write for you. there are several platforms where you can hire a good writer at a cheaper.

Two popular examples of places to find legitimate writers with skills to outsource are Fiverr and Upwork. These two platforms are similar but work differently. At a cheaper rate, you can write a book in readable format and list on Amazon.

  • Try Amazon Merch

This is an incredible option for designers. It is very easy to do and earn a good profit. Amazon accommodates millions of customers which is an advantage for you to showcase your design to the world. All you have to do is:

·    sign up

·    upload your design

·    set your price list for the designs

Amazon will do the rest which includes the printing and distributions to customers interested. That’s awesome, right?


Amazon is a very large place and these are the three methods we found that many people do not know about. Making profits on Amazon can serve as a side business as a student or bachelor who is not earning enough. I hope these methods have helped someone.


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